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Rates & Fees
Monthly Rates
Meter Connection

First 2,000 Gallons----$25.97 Minimum


Next 18,000 Gallons---$0.01079 per gal


Next 30,000 Gallons---$0.0093 per gal


Next 50,000 Gallons---$0.00785 per gal


Over 100,000 Gallons---$0.00639 per gal

All Meter Sizes---------------$90

5/8 Inch X 3/4 Inch--------------$1280

Non-Recurring Charges
Leak Adjustment Rate
Wholesale Water Rates

Turn On Charge-------------------$25.21


Meter Re-read Charge--------------$25.21


5/8 in. Meter Test Charge----------$45.43


1 in. Meter Test Charge--------- Actual Cost


Meter Relocation Charge--------Actual Cost

Re-Connection Charge-------------$45.43

Service Call/Investigation------------$25.21

Service Call (After Hours) -----------$52.99

Late Payment Fee--------------------10%

Returned Check Fee---------------$20.00

Customer Cut Lock Fee------------$115.00

Leak Adjustment--$0.00329 per gal

Beaver Dam-----------$0.00329 per gal


Fordsville-------------$0.00329 per gal

Centertown------------$0.00329 per gal


North McLean ---------$0.00329 per gal


Grayson --------------$0.00329 per gal

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