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Water Treatment Process

Clean drinking water fuels our entire community. That’s why OCWD has a comprehensive water treatment process in place to make sure our customers have access to quality water to support their everyday lives. Below is an overview of the treatment process which includes screen removal, rapid mix, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection.

Water Collection
Screening & Straining
Rapid Mix

Water is pumped from the Green River to the Treatment Plant.  Initial Screening is completed to remove sticks, leaves, and debris. 


A series of mesh screens filter out sticks, leaves, and other unwanted debris.


 Aluminum chlorohydrate is added to the water as a coagulant to help small particles stick together so that they can be removed more easily.


Water is slowly filtered through filter membranes to filter fine particles, bacteria and microorganisms.

Then, Fluoride is added before disinfection, to promote growth of healthy bones and teeth.

Sedimentation Basin

Water moves very slowly through the sedimentation basins to allow large particles to settle down to the bottom and be removed from the water.

 Mix the Sodium Permanganate with the water at a slow controlled rate, to oxidize organics and Aluminum Chlorohydrate 


Added to the water as it enters the clearwell to ensure bacteria, viruses and other microbes are killed.

Water Distribution

Water is pumped from clearwells with high service pumps throughout the distribution system.

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