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Rate Changes

NOTICE OF RATE CHANGE On December 3, 2020, the Public Service Commission issued a final Order that Granted the Ohio County District a rate adjustment pursuant to 807 KAR 5:076. The Public Service Commission found that the rates set forth below are reasonable, and will produce sufficient revenue from water sales to recover the Revenue Required from Rates. These rates will increase an average residential customer’s monthly water bill using 4,417 gallons of water from $42.35 to $52.05, an increase of $9.70, or approximately 22.90%. Please see case no. 2020-00167 on the Public Service Commission website

The rates are currently in effect. The PSC ordered the rates to be charged for service rendered on and after December 3, 2020. The first bills to reflect these new rates will be bills mailed in late January and early February. These customer bills will be based upon meter readings that do not include any water service rendered prior to December 3, 2020 .

When was the last time Ohio District raised its rates prior to December 3, 2020?

The last general rate increase occurred on July 21, 2009. Ohio County Water District has not had a general rate adjustment in over 11 years prior to the December 2020 rate adjustment.

What prompted the rate increase? Ohio District’s expenses have increased significantly in the last 10 years. Ohio District is legally obligated by its bond ordinances to maintain rates that produce revenues equal to 120 percent of the sum of its Operation and Maintenance Expenses and its Debt Service Obligations.


Rates Prior to New Rates Change ($) Change (%) 12/3/20 Effective Per 1,000 12/3/20 Gallons Per 1,000 Gallons

First 2,000 Gallons: $21.13 $25.97 $4.84 22.9%

(Minimum Bill)

Next 18,000 Gallons $8.78 $10.79 $2.01 22.9%

Next 30,000 Gallons $7.59 $9.33 $1.74 22.9%

Next 50,000 Gallons $6.39 $7.85 $1.46 22.8%

Over 100,000 $5.20 $6.39 $1.19 22.9%


Wholesale Service $2.68 $3.29 $0.61 22.8%

Leak Adjustment $2.68 $3.29 $0.61 22.8%


Meter Connection/ $35.00 $25.21 ($9.79) -28.0%

Turn-on Charge

Meter Re-read $35.00 $25.21 ($9.79) -28.0%


Meter Test Charge $65.00 $45.43 ($19.57) -30.1%

(5/8 Inch Meter)

Re-Connect Charge $60.00 $45.43 ($19.57) -30.1%

Service Call/ $35.00 $25.21 ($9.79) -28.0%


Service Call/ $45.00 $52.99 $7.99 17.8%

Investigation (After Hours)


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